Armani Advent Calendar 2019 – Release Date & Contents

This is very exciting and a beauty calendar first! Here’s everything you need to know about the Armani Advent Calendar 2019. Find out what’s in it, how much it costs and when it’s out! It’s a beauty!

Armani Advent Calendar 2019

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My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I spotted this gorgeous thing at the Selfridges Christmas press day! I have just got a list of what is going to be inside, so I wanted to share it with you straight away.

What’s in the Armani Advent Calendar 2019?

There are so many gorgeous goodies inside here, so get ready for this! As you will notice, there is more than beauty in here, and we have fragrance, pins, and a keyring too.

Armani Advent Calendar 2019
Armani Advent Calendar 2019

Full Size products

  • Eyes to kill Stellar #2
  • Lip Maestro #400


  • Bow design
  • Lip magnet design
  • Lip design
  • Si Pass design

Key ring

Makeup Deluxe Minis

  • Ecstasy Shine #400
  • Rouge D’Armani Matte #102
  • Lip Magnet #400
  • Ecstasy Lacquer #402
  • Lip Maestro #500
  • Eyes to Kill Mascara Classic
  • Eye tint #12
  • Makeup remover
  • Crema Nera Eye cream 5gr
  • Cushion Toneup #02
  • Crema Nera Acqua Pantelleria 30ml

Fragrance Deluxe Minis

  • Si EDP 7ml
  • Aqua Di Gioia EDP 5ml
  • Si Fiori 7ml
  • Code EDT 4ml
  • Si Pass 7ml
  • Aqua Di Gio EDT 5ml

There is a lot! And it is such a brilliant mix of different products that even hardcore Armani Beauty fans may find themselves making new discoveries.

What is the Armani Advent Calendar 2019 Release Date?

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It is set to launch early October 2019 at Selfridges.

How much is it?

The price of this calendar is £249. Right now, I don’t know the value of the contents, but if I find out, I’ll update as soon as I can.

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